Oregon Chapters

Full membership is available to Master Masons in the state of Oregon who are in good standing. An Associate membership is available to non-riding Master Masons. 
All full active members must own and ride a legally licensed motorcycle of at least 500cc, they must also hold a valid motorcycle license and must comply with all laws governing the operation of the vehicle. (the minimum capacity rule does not apply to classic motorcycles)
A meeting of the officers of the Widows Sons will then examine the Masonic status of the candidate and if a favorable opinion is formed of his dedication and service to the brotherhood, he may be enrolled in the association.
Contact the local chapter for joining fee & Annual dues. (Due June 1st of each year)

Forming your own Chapter

Forming your own affiliate chapter of the Widows Sons is easy. All that is required is for your founding members to elect or appoint your officers, adopt an initial set of by-laws conforming to the Grand Chapter by-laws, and then submit your membership roster and by-laws to the Oregon Grand Chapter President, along with a Affiliate Chapter Application.

  1. Are you and Five friends interested in forming a new affiliate chapter?
  2. Review the By-laws of the Widows Sons - Oregon Grand Chapter
  3. Fill out the New Affiliate Chapter Application
  4. Fill out membership applications for each new member of your chapter
  5. Contact the Grand Chapter President for more details
Grand Chapter
President: Mike Thomas
1st Vice President: Mike Gettle
2nd Vice President: Don LeFave
Secretary: Justin Fleming
Treasurer: Darrin Taylor
Guardian of Membership Darrin Taylor


Hiram Chapter (Portland)


President: Paul Steigleder
1st Vice President: Max Erhlich
2nd Vice President: TBD
Secretary: Hunter Bronson
Treasurer: Hunter Bronson

Sojourners Chapter (Salem)


President: Mike Gettle
1st Vice President: Robert Hitchcock
2nd Vice President: Darrin Taylor
Secretary: Ron Benson
Treasurer: Victor Morton


East Wind Chapter (Medford)


President: Don LeFave
1st Vice President: Roland Kari
2nd Vice President: TBD
Secretary: Gerard Hopwood
Treasurer: TBD


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